How to Replace a Car Battery

Car batteries do not last forever and you will probably have to replace the battery after the car has a few miles under its belt. You can either call a mechanic for a simple battery replacement or you can pick up your tools and do it yourself. This is one of the easiest projects you can do on your own car. Towing Warner Robbins provides you with the following guideline to show you how you can successfully and safely replace the battery on your car.

Step One

The first thing you need to do is to ensure you have the proper attire for the job. When dealing with batteries there are corrosive materials involved which can adversely damage the skin. You need to wear gloves always when handling a car battery. It would also be beneficial to wear an overall to protect your arms and legs. No open shoes when fixing a car for numerous obvious reasons.

Step Two

Next, ensure the car is off and in Park/Neutral. Now pop the hood and locate the battery. The battery is located in different places depending on the car. Some batteries are even placed behind the wheel or in the trunk to save on space. Consult your car manual if you can not locate the battery.

Step Three

It is important for you to remember to always start working on the negative terminal. It is usually marked in black. Use a combination wrench on the nut or a battery wrench and battery pliers. Once the nut attaching the terminal to the positive battery post is loose pull on the terminal to try and separate it from the battery. Do not pull too hard and risk damaging the terminals. If they do not dissociate easily use a terminal puller. Do not use a pry bar or screwdriver as they may cause damage to the terminals.

Step Four

Repeat the same process on the positive terminal.

Step Five

Most batteries have a mechanism of keeping the battery in place when the vehicle is in motion. It may be screws attaching the casing of the battery to the body or a bar placed across the battery. This is the next thing you need to unscrew. Once the mechanism holding the battery in place is removed you can proceed to the next step.

Step six

Gently remove the battery from its housing. Most batteries have handles on top of them that you can hold while lifting them. If it does not have a handle hold the bottom of the battery with both hands and lift it out.

Step seven

Clean the battery tray where the battery was thoroughly using baking soda or battery cleaning solution. This reduces any corroding element left by the old battery. You can also clean the terminals now using a terminal cleaning brush.

Step Eight

It is now time to place the new battery in the battery tray. Make sure you align the battery with the terminals, the positive terminals should be on the same side as the positive battery post.

Step Nine

Reinstall whatever system kept the battery stable in the tray.

Step Ten

Remove the plastic battery post covers and spray them with anti-corrosion solution. Next, apply a layer of grease before reattaching the terminals to the battery. Start with the positive terminal, the red one and attach the black terminal last. You can still use a wrench or battery pliers.

Dispose of the old battery

Finally, if the battery is stable in its tray and the terminals are properly attached all you need to do now is dispose of the old battery and start enjoying the new one.

What you need to know about car belts and replacements

Car belts take center stage in every driver’s spin. With the ability to control the engine, foresee the water pump, deal with the air conditioning compressors and handle the power-steering system, it is evident that car belts make the vital components of your car. At we want you to know about some of the common types of belts, these include;

The timing belt

Hidden behind the timing cover, the timing belt of your car is set to safeguard the operations between the crankshaft and the camshaft. Since their primary task revolves around the engine, these types of belts need particular attention as negligence on their part can destroy the engine. However, presently most cars have chain belts in place instead of the timing belts with longlasting service provision to your car’s engine.

Drive Belt

Also referred to as V-belts, this types of belts are mostly found on old-school vehicles. There are usually several belts dealing with various functions such as the alternator, water pump or the radiator fan. This means that if one of these belts gets cracked or damaged, you can still operate your car. However, this heavily depends on the function assigned to the belt.

Serpentine Belt

Serpentine belts are found in most modern day cars.They are quickly noticed on the crank pulley as they make their way through various accessories to the tensioner.Unlike the drive belt, a worn out or cracked serpentine belt disable the functionality of your car s they are designed to control all the essential features.

How to replace broken or worn belts

The process of replacing your car’s broken or worn out belt is pretty simple. However, as much as there are various ways to go about it, here is a basic guideline for successfully changing any belt;

You have to know the location of the belt you want to change. Once you do, examine it and detect if it needs immediate change or not.This can be quickly done under the hood using a spotlight

Secondly, work on removing the belt by locating the routing diagram.While at it, be sure to take note of the rightful place on each side of the belt. You don’t want to place your new belt on the wrong side. Gently release the tension of the belt and set it aside

Thirdly, take time to compare your new belt with the old one and be sure to fix it correctly in the same position as the previous one. Be sure to run the belt to ensure it functions properly before tightening it, and now you are good to go!




When do I need to replace my Fuel Pump?

fuel pumpThe fuel pump is considered as one of the most important component of any vehicle without which it cannot run as it is an integral part of the car that needs to be functioning properly for smooth running of the car. The function of the fuel pump to pump the fuel of the car like petrol, diesel from gas tank to car engine so that it will get the fuel required for moving from one place to another. But as a car owner, it is important for you to know when do I need to replace my Fuel pump? Auto Repair Murrieta wants you to know that this is especially important because a malfunctioning fuel pump can be hazardous for you as it can lead to a large number of issues in the car engine along with posing danger for your life. Therefore it is important to ensure that the fuel pump is working efficiently for getting optimal results from the functioning of the car.

Are you wondering when do I need to replace my fuel pump? It is important for you to look for the warning signs that indicate that you will need to replace the fuel pump because delaying this task can be risky for your car and safety. The fuel pump is also located in a inaccessible place inside the car engine which makes it important to replace this component before you reach 100,000 miles because fuel pump failure can cause a large number of issues. It also compromises an important part of the fuel system of the car and hence it is very essential to pay attention to the fuel pump so that your car can move without any glitches. You should never drive with a poor performing or malfunctioning fuel pump as it is not desirable for your car which makes it even more important to look for the signs of trouble with the fuel system. Moreover when the fuel pump is not working in an efficient manner, the car will get less amount of fuel than what is required by the car. Hence the most important sign that you will need to look is when the car is difficulty in starting or it makes different sounds while starting. This is an indication that the fuel pump is not working and hence it is important to replace it as soon as possible so that it cannot cause dangers for the car. Another sign is when there is incorrect fuel pressure inside the fuel system and it can be due to obstruction in fuel line which makes it very important to replace the fuel system as soon as possible.

How to choose the right brake pads for your car.

Generally, brake pad set is very important to every vehicle. However, it is very annoying when one want to stop the vehicle but the annoying squeal comes out from the car. If you experience these situations, you really need to replace or choose another set. In order to get a new brake pad set, you need to choose the right pad for your car. However, it is important for you to know the right type of your vehicle. We can help you at auto repair oceanside.  The following are different type pad set that you can look in order to choose that is good for your car.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Generally, these pads are mainly suitable for the light trucks and also the passenger cars. These pads set are lightweight, durable and also nearly dust free. There are made from different materials such as a filler material, bonding agent and also ceramic fibers. Additionally, they are strong and also they can disperse the heat which is created by friction mainly between the rotors and also the brake pads. This means they can prevent any damage to the rotors and also clean the brake dust.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

These are the most commonly used brake pad set. These brakes are made of different material such as copper, steel and iron. These pads set generally they are not more expensive which is one of the reasons they are very common. However, these types of pads tend to noisy and also they are able to create more dust since they are rougher to the rotors. Thus it is important to look when you are choosing new brake pads.

Low-Metallic Brake Pads

Generally, these brake pads set usually are less in metal content. Due to this, they are very easier mainly on the rotors, but it is important to know that they can still sometimes tend to be noisy and also dusty. These types of brake pads usually provides better braking and also dissipate heat better since they have less quantity of metal compounds. They are good for buses, large trucks and also commercial vehicles since they are durable and also they are relatively at low cost.

Organic Brake Pads

The Organic brake pads usually are tranquil of a high-temperature resin which is combined with natural fibers like carbon, glass and also Kevlar. Generally, this combination is extremely easier to the rotors and also it has a less dust. They have good performance while compared to the other types, thus they are quick and also aggressive braking situation.

When in of Brake Pad Set What to choose? Looking at the above different type, you can the right brand for your vehicle and also which fit your car, budget and also the driving habits.

When does my Ignition Coil for my car need to be replaced?

ignition coilIgnition coil is an important component of the car as it facilitates the ignition process that helps the car to move without any kind of problem. But there are instances when the ignition coil of the car is not functioning and it needs to be replaced at the earliest so that you will not face any kind of problems in starting the car. You can replace it yourself or call your Mechanic.  But the most important thing that you will need to know is when does my ignition coil for my car need to be replaced?

Ignition coil works together with the other parts of the car so that it can create spark that is needed for igniting the car fuel as well as the air mixture inside the car engine. Moreover it also helps the car to move smoothly but you might face problems with the ignition coil and you will need to find out when does my ignition coil for my car need to be replaced? This is especially important for ensuring that your car is moving properly and you can start the engine easily which is needed for a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. Ignition coil is responsible for supplying power to the spark plugs of the car and if it is malfunctioning it can lead to many serious damages. Therefore you will need to look for warning signs that will indicate that you will need to replace the ignition coil so that it will not cause further damage to the car’s engine. The most common warning sign is when the car runs for a short while and the engine dies after that as it means that there is some problem with the ignition coil. It can also lead to flooded carburetor because a bad ignition can make the car to run poor and it even jerks and stops without any apparent reason.

Backfiring is also a warning sign of faulty ignition coil as ignition coil failure can make the unused fuel to emit through exhaust system and you will need to replace the coil for addressing the issue. You cannot neglect this warning signs because it can cause serious damages to the exhaust and you will need to spend more money on the costly repairs of the car. Even though the ignition coil should run for about 100,000 miles and more, there might be instances when it gets damaged and you will need to get it replaced if you are looking for the safety of your car and life.

6 symptoms of ignition coil failure.


What does my Oxygen Sensor do?

oxygen sensorFor all intents and purposes each auto created since the mid-1980s contains a sensor that controls oxygen stream to your motor. The oxygen sensor works by sending data to your vehicle’s motor administration framework to help your auto fun proficiently and also to decrease toxic outflows. At the point when an oxygen sensor fizzles your vehicle will run less viably and eat up more fuel. In this manner, when oxygen sensor disappointment has been resolved the sensor should then be supplanted, an expensive recommendation in the event that you depend on a carport to take the necessary steps for you. Notwithstanding, supplanting an oxygen sensor is an errand that you can do yourself, along these lines sparing you valuable time and cash. At Auto Repair Guilford we can explain exactly what an oxygen sensor does and let you know if your’s needs to be replaced.

As a backgrounder, your oxygen sensor works this way: put within your fumes pipe, the oxygen sensor recognizes the proportion of air and gas your motor is encouraged. In the event that the blend is excessively rich or excessively lean than the oxygen sensor modifies the measure of fuel entering your motor as needs be. The wrong blend of gas and oxygen can build contaminations that leave your vehicle – in this manner hurting the earth – and additionally conceivably making your exhaust system come up short or even harm your motor. Along these lines, a legitimately working oxygen sensor is an unquestionable requirement for any vehicle.

There are some evident signs that your oxygen sensor is not  working.

They can include:

  • A spoiled egg scent transmitting from the fumes.
  • A diminishment in mileage.
  • Your exhaust system bombs suddenly.
  • Exhaust emanations achieve unfortunate levels.
  • Your motor surges or falters.

You can analyze the issue yourself in the event that you approach the correct instruments including a computerized voltmeter, an oxygen sensor attachment, and a propane enhancement gadget. These particular apparatuses, alongside a legitimate Haynes or Chilton manual close by, ought to be all that you have to decide whether the oxygen sensor is never again working. On the off chance that it has fizzled, than consider requesting your new part online through a solid distributer, for example, the Oxygen Sense shop to get a fantastic OEM part at reduced costs. Once your part has touched base than all you will require is maybe a couple car wrenches to achieve the activity. Once more, reference your auto’s manual for correct guidelines.

With the plenitude of sensors and specialized gadgetry on the present vehicles it can appear to be genuinely scary to take every necessary step yourself. Luckily, an oxygen sensor is one of the less demanding parts to supplant, so on the off chance that you take the necessary steps yourself you will spare time and cash and in addition pick up a vital feeling of accomplishment. Proceed you end of the week workman, you can do it!

Control Arm Replacement Costs

control armAs winter approaches and bad weather sets in, now’s the time you need to be checking your car for any potential problems Navigating the icy roads and dark winter nights can be difficult enough, but if there’s a problem with your car then a simple drive could take a turn for the worse.

As well as checking or changing your tires for the upcoming winter, it’s worth taking a look at some of the other parts of your vehicle that you may not think to check. We can help you

For example, the control arms.

The control arm connects the frame of the car to the suspension. It’s the arms connecting the wheels to the body of the car, allowing you to turn the wheels as you steer. They are vital in helping the wheels to handle the road, especially when it comes to the bumps and other discrepancies on the road’s surface.

Most cars have two control arms, at each side of the front of the car. Certain cars do have control arms at the back as well so check with the manufacturer of your car’s particular model, or ask your mechanic.

Like most parts of a car, the control arm can become worn down and damaged over time. They are in constant use as you’re driving and therefore require just as much attention as the wheels or the engine.

Control arms replacement costs can vary depending on your location and the car you own. However, there are some car repair shops that will try and charge extortionate rates so it’s best to have a rough idea of what to expect.

For an average model of car, the cost of a new control arm should range from around $200 to $400 dollars. This includes the price of both the new control arm, and the cost of labor.

To breakdown of the costs, the control arm part generally costs a minimum of $100. This is important to remember as you may need more than one control arm replaced so be prepared to shell out double if needed.

However, luxury cars may cost much more –as a general rule, the more expensive and exclusive the car, the more expensive and exclusive the parts! The cost of a replacement control arm may be at least $500 for a luxury or modern car.

Although having a control arm replaced may not be cheap, it is an essential part of ensuring your safety so get it checked to make sure your vehicle is winter-ready.

Catalytic Converter Replacement Costs

catalic converterThe catalytic converter is a discharge related part that is mounted in the fumes pipe.  The impetus inside is about dependably included valuable metals, for example, platinum, rhodium, or palladium.  At the point when the impetus can’t consume off the unburned hydrocarbons in the fumes, a disagreeable scent can happen, an unpleasant run or discharge failure might be felt, or the Check Engine light may illuminate.


Most autos will require the secondary selling Catalytic Converter to be welded to the fumes channels. auto repair Montclair can just do this administration on the off chance that you have an immediate fit catalytic converter purchased from a merchant.

When supplanting the catalytic converter, it might be important to supplant oxygen sensors too.

Catalytic converter indications are regularly like other more direct issues. Get the Check Engine light analyzed whenever it lights up.

How it’s finished:

  • The vehicle is raised and upheld on jack stands
  • The blemished catalytic converter is evacuated
  • The new catalytic converter is introduced and the vehicle is begun to check for any holes
  • The vehicle is brought down off the jack stands
  • The vehicle is street tried for legitimate operation.

Our proposal:

On the off chance that you are reliably bringing short outings with your vehicle, the catalytic converter may not get sufficiently hot to totally consume with smoldering heat the hydrocarbons. To keep the catalytic converter from getting stopped up, take your vehicle for the intermittent drive on the roadway for 15 minutes. This enables the fumes to adequately warm up and consume off any stores in the catalytic converter.

Upgrades to these were made to make them less prohibitive which will influence them to last longer than the past plans. At the point when the fired centers would begin topping off with carbons and different things, it will cause weight drops. How a few organizations are influencing them now to will likewise diminish the measure of them.

A few vehicles are little. They will even now consume fuel and make debilitate, however. Not these little autos can hold an extensive catalytic converter. Another outline is taking into account littler ones to be made.

This additionally makes them more sparing for purchasers. A ton of mechanics is supplanting their old converters with this new plan. There are many advantages to making more current items. The sort of fuel that is being scorched and also what gear is utilizing it will assume a part in what will work best.

With the consistent preparing of the outline and assembling group, they can always enhance these items as opposed to making similar things again and again. They are likewise ready to have more tightly discharge norms.

This will increase current standards for each producer out there. The more contamination that individuals can keep out of the air, the better. Vehicles, machines and other gear are a major reason for air contamination in numerous territories.

Makers are continually attempting to enhance the adequacy of their items. They are utilizing materials that will last more. Few out of every odd plan works out when organizations are experimenting with new items, however.

This is the reason they are continually trying their new items and also the more established ones. They need to ensure that they are enhancing the item as opposed to making a stride in reverse. Outflows control frameworks are critical in a variety of businesses.

There are numerous alternatives that individuals have. The span of their frameworks, what the catalytic converter is being utilized on and more is critical to consider. A few vehicles will have significantly more discharged when they are running than others.

A bigger engine will consume more fuel and make more fumes. Consequently, it should have a greater piece on it to get the greater part of the poisons. There is a wide range of decisions that the majority of the organizations have.

Move with Speed.  .  .   Move with Ease!!!!

shocks and struts

Have you ever enjoyed a smooth easy ride despite of road irregularities?  You can thanks to the technology of vehicle suspensions which people normally referred as “shocks and struts”.   In automobile engineering shock absorbers and struts form the basis outline of the suspensions system.  Apart from absorbing road impacts like curbs, potholes, bumps they also provide the necessary support to the vehicle body during the impact and keep the vehicle under the control of driver’s actions.  So for any disruptive or unruly driving experience, knowledge about the system of vehicle’s suspension is very much needed.

Focusing on the nitty gritty terminology, strut is actually an assembly of a spring and a shock absorber.  Shock absorbers are designed to absorb the up-and-down shocks whenever a vehicle hits a bump the springs are used to dampen the vibrations during the impact and also to provide the vehicle body support.  But unlike the shock absorbers, in addition to providing quality ride as smooth and bounce free as possible, the strut assembly manages and integrates different parts of suspension system keeping it intact, aligned and separated from each other.  So we can say the springs, shock absorbers and the strut assembly work as a team in the vehicle’s suspension system.  In absence or damage of any these components will cause our journey to be less smooth.  Current designs of strut assemblies include shock absorbers with velocity hydraulic damping devices which can increase the speed of the vibrational dampers during the impact to provide more resistance to the vehicle’s bumps.  So for various unwary road conditions these velocity hydraulic shock absorbers can increase their versatility to the effects of constant driving irregularities.  Though it might start to be amusing to have a funny bounce in our travel but it seems less amusing when we get weary of constant head bumps and teeth chattered.

However the fun and comfort of a premium ride quality solely depends upon the maintenance of the vehicle’s suspension.  It is advisable to replace the damaged parts as soon as possible to prevent the further possible suspension problems.  The strut assemblies of different automobile models can be accessible at automobile stores.  It is always convenient to make a clean note of your automobile’s maintenance before you set off for your journey.   So the next time if you ever on a ride and notice the bumpy feeling remember don’t just ignore rather get rid of it by installing a new set of suspensions and check it right away.  Here at Auto Repair Grasonville, we can keep your ride smooth by servicing or replacing your shocks and struts.

What is the importance of an air filter?

Air Filter

As a car owner it is important for you to understand what is the importance of an air filter? This is especially important so that you can ensure that the air filters are cleaned on a regular basis as it is considered as an important maintenance schedule that helps in keeping your car run smoothly.  Air filters are known to be a central HVAC system of your car that helps in filtering all the contaminants so that it does not enter into your car’s engine. It also helps you to get rid of the dust, dirt and pollen so that it does not create problems for the functioning of the car. It can also cause damages to the internal parts of your car along with posing fire risk and therefore it is important to get the air filters changed on a regular basis so that it can function at an optimal level.  Auto Repair Azusa can change your air filters and keep your car running at it’s best.

Are you wondering what is the importance of an air filter?

The most important function of the air filter is that helps in preventing any dangers for the car owners as it helps in filtering the dirty air so that you will get clean and fresh air. Air filters also helps in keeping the engine clean so that it will function for a longer period of time and you will not have to worry about engine failure. As the air filters helps in getting the dirt, dust, grime, insects, leaves and debris from the engine so that it can function properly so that it’s functioning will not be compromised. It also helps in preventing abrasion and corrosion as the air filters helps in protecting the car from every kind of problems. Hence the HVAC system should be maintained on a regular basis and the air filters should be replaced so that the air quality and car engine life can be enhanced.

Air filters is very crucial for the car as it is responsible for the heating of the fuel but there are instances when it fail to function at an optimum level. This makes it very important for you to consider getting the air filters replaced so that dirt and dust accumulated on it can be removed completely and the car can move smoothly without any glitches. Air filter also helps in working of the blower fan so that the heating and cooling of the car engine can take place in an efficient manner.