Hi I’m Derek!

Im out of El Paso TX, the home of Gabriel Iglesias & Chico’s Tacos. Yes I am a fan of both.

The reason I started this blog is everyone knows their cars parts are important. But not why. When your mechanic says you need to replace the fuel pump or catalytic converter.

For most people they could be saying the thing-a-ma-bob that connects to the thing-a-ma-jiggy needs to be replaced. Once that is done your vehicle will run again.

For many people that’s just fine, but as you sitting in the shop waiting room thinking man the thing-a-ma-jiggy cost $500. Is that true, and what does that thing even do.

That is what we are here to answer. In most cases yes it is true just because parts in your vehicles are made to last for tens of thousands of miles. Most are also made to plug into a computer to be monitored. Then on top of that many of these parts are only produced by the original factory and they want to make a decent profit.

By the time the shop your at punches it into a computer, yep that number for a single part can feel quite hefty.

Now to make you feel a little better, if you used a shotty part that broke in six months. Even if you did save half of the repair cost but had to come back every six months to a year and replace the same part you would be pretty upset. So by paying for the right quality part, it can really save you time and frustration for not having to deal with that part for years or even never again.

So I’ll do my best to be the best geek I can be, but with a little humor so you enjoy the valuable information we have for you. Down the road after you read some amazing content we may start offering some complementary products for your vehicle. Like some awesome T-Shirts or bumper stickers about auto repair that I stumble across that are just MUST HAVE’S!

So bye for now and HAPPY READING!!