Can Check Engine Light Pass Inspection On My BMW?

Are you wondering if the check engine light can pass the emissions test on your BMW? You’re just driving your BMW around and all of a sudden you see your check engine light pop up on the dashboard, you freak out and totally unsure of what you’ve got to do next. Read on as brings you some information to find out what to do when the service light or a service engine light pops up on your

Can check engine light pass inspection on your BMW?

The short answer to this question is NO. When your check engine lights turns on, it’s an alarming signal that the emission system has a problem. Irrespective of what the issue is, your BMW will not be inspected until you’re back with the lights turned off.

Emissions Test

Your BMW will either pass or fail an emissions test on the basis of how each of its monitors are performing. That said, your car will not pass inspection if the check engine lights are on. You may try to turn the check engine light off or reset it and then go in for a test before the service light turn on again.

What If I Clear The Codes?

But in order to get a clear code, you may need to run the monitor for a period of time in order to complete a cycle, to prevent the monitor from failing again. Also, your car will be tested to see if it has complied a drive cycle before it is being tested. If the emission test is done, it will either turn out to be incorrect or it will fail because of what is coming out of the exhaust system.

Since the check engine is very much part of the emission test, it is very likely that your car will fail the test if it is on. Although the smog tech plugs and the access system functions, the tech will not even attempt to smog check.

How to test the codes yourself.