Control Arm Replacement Costs

control armAs winter approaches and bad weather sets in, now’s the time you need to be checking your car for any potential problems Navigating the icy roads and dark winter nights can be difficult enough, but if there’s a problem with your car then a simple drive could take a turn for the worse.

As well as checking or changing your tires for the upcoming winter, it’s worth taking a look at some of the other parts of your vehicle that you may not think to check. We can help you

For example, the control arms.

The control arm connects the frame of the car to the suspension. It’s the arms connecting the wheels to the body of the car, allowing you to turn the wheels as you steer. They are vital in helping the wheels to handle the road, especially when it comes to the bumps and other discrepancies on the road’s surface.

Most cars have two control arms, at each side of the front of the car. Certain cars do have control arms at the back as well so check with the manufacturer of your car’s particular model, or ask your mechanic.

Like most parts of a car, the control arm can become worn down and damaged over time. They are in constant use as you’re driving and therefore require just as much attention as the wheels or the engine.

Control arms replacement costs can vary depending on your location and the car you own. However, there are some car repair shops that will try and charge extortionate rates so it’s best to have a rough idea of what to expect.

For an average model of car, the cost of a new control arm should range from around $200 to $400 dollars. This includes the price of both the new control arm, and the cost of labor.

To breakdown of the costs, the control arm part generally costs a minimum of $100. This is important to remember as you may need more than one control arm replaced so be prepared to shell out double if needed.

However, luxury cars may cost much more –as a general rule, the more expensive and exclusive the car, the more expensive and exclusive the parts! The cost of a replacement control arm may be at least $500 for a luxury or modern car.

Although having a control arm replaced may not be cheap, it is an essential part of ensuring your safety so get it checked to make sure your vehicle is winter-ready.