How To Repair Brake Caliper Sticking

Repairing the brakes caliper sticking can become a complicated job where you may require professional assistance.  At we are here to help you!  Though, you can do such job yourself if you have some experience in automobile maintenance. If your calipers are semi-loaded you probably should see a professional mechanic. If your calipers are not loaded. Here is how to repair a stuck brake caliper.

Remove the wheel

You need to remove the wheel,  Loosen lug nuts using the ratchet. After that remove the nuts and the wheel, and then put them aside.

Remove the caliper

Loosen banjo bolt which links brake line with brake caliper. Loosen the bolts and remove those that make the caliper be attached to a wheel assembly. Replace the drain pan under a brake mechanism so as to catch brake fluid. Remove rubber boots, the bolts, and the sliders from caliper and then lubricate all these mounting apparatuses.

Secure new caliper

Compress piston of a new caliper using the tool of brake caliper piston. At the end of brake line, you can attach it. Lubricate caliper bolts, and then put new brake pads to it where you be needed to secure it to a wheel assembly. You can finish that work by attaching brake hose and then tighten the banjo bolts.

Bleed the brakes

Fill a master cylinder and then connect the hose to a bleeder valve. At this point, open a valve and then ask someone to press down the brakes during that time. Close valve once there is air bubbles in a jar. Repeat the process until there is no bubble which is left in a jar. Refill a cylinder and then close a bleeder valve.

Secure the wheel

Use the hands to tighten lug nuts after you have put a tire back on a wheel assembly. After you put a car on a ground which is after you have taken away a jack, tighten all the nuts using the ratchet.