How to Replace a Car Battery

Car batteries do not last forever and you will probably have to replace the battery after the car has a few miles under its belt. You can either call a mechanic for a simple battery replacement or you can pick up your tools and do it yourself. This is one of the easiest projects you can do on your own car. Towing Warner Robbins provides you with the following guideline to show you how you can successfully and safely replace the battery on your car.

Step One

The first thing you need to do is to ensure you have the proper attire for the job. When dealing with batteries there are corrosive materials involved which can adversely damage the skin. You need to wear gloves always when handling a car battery. It would also be beneficial to wear an overall to protect your arms and legs. No open shoes when fixing a car for numerous obvious reasons.

Step Two

Next, ensure the car is off and in Park/Neutral. Now pop the hood and locate the battery. The battery is located in different places depending on the car. Some batteries are even placed behind the wheel or in the trunk to save on space. Consult your car manual if you can not locate the battery.

Step Three

It is important for you to remember to always start working on the negative terminal. It is usually marked in black. Use a combination wrench on the nut or a battery wrench and battery pliers. Once the nut attaching the terminal to the positive battery post is loose pull on the terminal to try and separate it from the battery. Do not pull too hard and risk damaging the terminals. If they do not dissociate easily use a terminal puller. Do not use a pry bar or screwdriver as they may cause damage to the terminals.

Step Four

Repeat the same process on the positive terminal.

Step Five

Most batteries have a mechanism of keeping the battery in place when the vehicle is in motion. It may be screws attaching the casing of the battery to the body or a bar placed across the battery. This is the next thing you need to unscrew. Once the mechanism holding the battery in place is removed you can proceed to the next step.

Step six

Gently remove the battery from its housing. Most batteries have handles on top of them that you can hold while lifting them. If it does not have a handle hold the bottom of the battery with both hands and lift it out.

Step seven

Clean the battery tray where the battery was thoroughly using baking soda or battery cleaning solution. This reduces any corroding element left by the old battery. You can also clean the terminals now using a terminal cleaning brush.

Step Eight

It is now time to place the new battery in the battery tray. Make sure you align the battery with the terminals, the positive terminals should be on the same side as the positive battery post.

Step Nine

Reinstall whatever system kept the battery stable in the tray.

Step Ten

Remove the plastic battery post covers and spray them with anti-corrosion solution. Next, apply a layer of grease before reattaching the terminals to the battery. Start with the positive terminal, the red one and attach the black terminal last. You can still use a wrench or battery pliers.

Dispose of the old battery

Finally, if the battery is stable in its tray and the terminals are properly attached all you need to do now is dispose of the old battery and start enjoying the new one.