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shocks and struts

Have you ever enjoyed a smooth easy ride despite of road irregularities?  You can thanks to the technology of vehicle suspensions which people normally referred as “shocks and struts”.   In automobile engineering shock absorbers and struts form the basis outline of the suspensions system.  Apart from absorbing road impacts like curbs, potholes, bumps they also provide the necessary support to the vehicle body during the impact and keep the vehicle under the control of driver’s actions.  So for any disruptive or unruly driving experience, knowledge about the system of vehicle’s suspension is very much needed.

Focusing on the nitty gritty terminology, strut is actually an assembly of a spring and a shock absorber.  Shock absorbers are designed to absorb the up-and-down shocks whenever a vehicle hits a bump the springs are used to dampen the vibrations during the impact and also to provide the vehicle body support.  But unlike the shock absorbers, in addition to providing quality ride as smooth and bounce free as possible, the strut assembly manages and integrates different parts of suspension system keeping it intact, aligned and separated from each other.  So we can say the springs, shock absorbers and the strut assembly work as a team in the vehicle’s suspension system.  In absence or damage of any these components will cause our journey to be less smooth.  Current designs of strut assemblies include shock absorbers with velocity hydraulic damping devices which can increase the speed of the vibrational dampers during the impact to provide more resistance to the vehicle’s bumps.  So for various unwary road conditions these velocity hydraulic shock absorbers can increase their versatility to the effects of constant driving irregularities.  Though it might start to be amusing to have a funny bounce in our travel but it seems less amusing when we get weary of constant head bumps and teeth chattered.

However the fun and comfort of a premium ride quality solely depends upon the maintenance of the vehicle’s suspension.  It is advisable to replace the damaged parts as soon as possible to prevent the further possible suspension problems.  The strut assemblies of different automobile models can be accessible at automobile stores.  It is always convenient to make a clean note of your automobile’s maintenance before you set off for your journey.   So the next time if you ever on a ride and notice the bumpy feeling remember don’t just ignore rather get rid of it by installing a new set of suspensions and check it right away.  Here at Auto Repair Grasonville, we can keep your ride smooth by servicing or replacing your shocks and struts.