What Are The Differences Between Summer And Winter Tires?

Some folks might not realize it, depending on where they live, but yes, there are tires for summer and winter. Those that reside in places like Texas or New Mexico often go with the same tires on their cars year-round. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky. Rather, persons in the northern states typically have to change between the two types to ensure that their vehicles can get them where they are going without getting stuck.

Still, though, everybody deserves to know what differences summer and winter tires bring to the table. After all, nobody knows what the future holds, and an individual might have to relocate for work or personal reasons. Therefore, in this post, Tires Longview is going to focus on some useful tidbits about the seasonal tires. Then, readers will have at least a little knowledge on the subject should it ever happen to come up. 

This And That About Winter Tires

Winter tires are created from soft rubber to grip icy and snow-covered surfaces. The tread pattern on these wheels compacts the snow into the grooves. Persons want to think about using winter tires under such conditions as they are designed to withstand frigid temps, 45F below zero, in fact. Even if an individual doesn’t live in a freezing winter wonderland, he or she should have winter tires installed if they take a road trip to somewhere like Chicago or New York during the wintertime. They will only help them navigate the slippery streets.

Summer Tire Juicy Morsels

Summer tire tread patterns are usually much smaller than those of winter tires. That is because they serve as canals, so to speak, which mud, water, and small debris can travel through as the wheel turns. The rubber grips to both wet and dry surfaces well. Hence, persons don’t have any trouble braking or cornering and gain increased responsiveness. However, drivers will want to discontinue using summer tires if the outside temperature starts dipping below 45-degrees. If they fail to do so, the motorist could get into an accident as performance will drop off considerably.