When does my Ignition Coil for my car need to be replaced?

ignition coilIgnition coil is an important component of the car as it facilitates the ignition process that helps the car to move without any kind of problem. But there are instances when the ignition coil of the car is not functioning and it needs to be replaced at the earliest so that you will not face any kind of problems in starting the car. You can replace it yourself or call your Mechanic.  But the most important thing that you will need to know is when does my ignition coil for my car need to be replaced?

Ignition coil works together with the other parts of the car so that it can create spark that is needed for igniting the car fuel as well as the air mixture inside the car engine. Moreover it also helps the car to move smoothly but you might face problems with the ignition coil and you will need to find out when does my ignition coil for my car need to be replaced? This is especially important for ensuring that your car is moving properly and you can start the engine easily which is needed for a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. Ignition coil is responsible for supplying power to the spark plugs of the car and if it is malfunctioning it can lead to many serious damages. Therefore you will need to look for warning signs that will indicate that you will need to replace the ignition coil so that it will not cause further damage to the car’s engine. The most common warning sign is when the car runs for a short while and the engine dies after that as it means that there is some problem with the ignition coil. It can also lead to flooded carburetor because a bad ignition can make the car to run poor and it even jerks and stops without any apparent reason.

Backfiring is also a warning sign of faulty ignition coil as ignition coil failure can make the unused fuel to emit through exhaust system and you will need to replace the coil for addressing the issue. You cannot neglect this warning signs because it can cause serious damages to the exhaust and you will need to spend more money on the costly repairs of the car. Even though the ignition coil should run for about 100,000 miles and more, there might be instances when it gets damaged and you will need to get it replaced if you are looking for the safety of your car and life.

6 symptoms of ignition coil failure.